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Quality Control is an integrated process from the design phase to the finished product.


We utilise a continuous toolchain that ranges from schematic entry to simulation and printed circuit board layout. Different simulation tools are used to verify functionality and boundary conditions. Hyperlynx is part of the circuit board simulation with IBIS models, as well as digital simulation of PLD and FPGA logic components. Each design is subject to planned qualification tests.


The adherence to coding rules, reviews and approval procedures is self-evident in the development process. A variety of tools and state of the art methods, such as UML, support the design process and are able to guarantee high-quality products.

Certification and Inspection

To be able to earn the legally required CE mark and meet customer or product-specific demands, we are planning with an eye toward inspections and certification from the very beginning. Due to our own testing and collaboration with accredited testing laboratories we can offer high-quality testing documents and test protocols.


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