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PHOENIX CONTACT Identification GmbH | Know-how

Operating systems:

Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android

Real-time operating systems:

ThreadX, Nucleus Plus, RTXC Quadros, RTX51, Micrium µCos II

Development Processes:

V- Model, Waterfall, Agile Software Development, V-Modell XT

Design methods:

UML, Storycards, Wireframes, Moodchart- Workshops

Programming languages:

C, MISRA-C, C++, Java, Assembler, SPS (LogiCad)


TCP/IP, HTTP, GSM, CanOpen, KWP 2000, ISO 7816, JSON, SOAP


RS232/485, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, USB, CAN, SD-Card, MMC, Bluetooth, RFID
ISO 7818(ChipCards)

Development tools:

Visual C++/J++, GNU, Keil, Cadul, Tasking, iSystems winIDEA, NucleusEdge, ADS-ARM, Eclipse, CANoe, LabView
IAR, Fuijtsu Softune, CodeWarrior

Static Code Analysis:

PC Lint (Version 9.0)
Analysis Tool compliant with MISRA C 2012 (Coding Rules)

Version management:

MKS Source Integrity, Polarion


ARM Cortex, ARM 7, ARM 9, 8051 und Derivate, C167/ST10 und Derivate

Requirement Engineering:

MKS Source Integrity, Polarion

Hardware Development:

Hardware circuit design and layout: from concept to  Schematic Entry up to Layout, production and Test. We develop prototypes and series production hardware.

Layout Tool:

Eagle 6.2.0 Standard Edition

Programmable hardware:

Programming of FPGAs, CPLDs from different vendors.



Hardware Development Tools:

Schematic Entry: Mentor Expedition, Cadence Concept; PCB layout: Mentor Expedition, Cadsoft Eagle; FPGA Design: Altera Quartus; Analog-Simulation: SPICE

ARM Cortex, ARM 7, ARM 9, 8051 and variants, C167/ST10 and variants

Preparation and support of certifications:

USB, e1, UL, CSA, GS, CB, EMV-compliance testing, CE-Declaration

Management system:

ISO 9001
ASPICE (HIS-Scope); Functional Safety (in relevant projects)

The observance of valid standards and standards is just as self-evident to us as a service company as the compliance with customer-specific regulations for the handling of sensitive data.

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