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We control the entire customer development process as part of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with the most modern application tools. These tools help us to design and manage the development environment efficiently and effectively. This covers from the requirements at the beginning to the certification at the end of the process.

  • Microprocessor circuits
  • Motor controls
  • Optical / magnetic sensor systems
  • Storage technologies
  • Sensor technology
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Wireless communication (RFID, WLAN, GSM, Bluetooth)
  • Control of touch displays
  • Power and battery management
  • LED Technology
  • Programmable logic
  • Printing technologies


  • Firmware
  • Software in C / C ++ and assembler for different process types
  • Application software
  • Technical software, Java based on PC platform
  • Embedded Systems with Linux OS
  • Real-time applications with RTOS
  • Display systems with graphical user interfaces
  • Communication (USB, Wireless, RFID, CAN,…
  • APP development in IOS / Android / Windows
  • Closed loop control systems in stepper and DC motors

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