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Archiving and analysis solution for vehicle and driver data from the commercial vehicle environment.

The developed device combines a USB interface with a digital tachograph interface, as well as a chip card reader for reading the control card. The products in the DLKPro family are configured and operated via a 2.4” colour touch screen.


Development of four different housing versions together with an industrial designer; production of a Mockup sample.. The User Interface was designed using different Usability- Methods and simulated / tested using Click- Dummys.


Design of the housing components, tool construction for the injection moulding tools, integration and adaptation of the embedded Linux kernel and development of the application under Linux. Connection of the external interfaces USB and RS232 as well as the chip card reader, the SD card interface and the touch display. Device management including data viewing and evaluation of “driving and resting time violations” according to international legislation with an international partner.


Production, planning, control and execution of large-scale production.

Project management

Cost, performance and scheduling in a project with hardware and software development, construction, tooling and production planning / implementation in a project with 7 partners, including an international development partner from Slovenia.

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