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Development of wireless connections

The Bluetooth adapter replaces a conventional, e.g. Serial interface through a wireless Bluetooth connection. As a result, an efficient communication with a tablet or smartphone can be made, with which a modern and intuitive user interface can be realized.


Select the appropriate technology (Bluetooth, WLAN, …)
Match the interfaces.
Definition of a transmission protocol.
Design of an ergonomic user interface.


Mechanical design together with a partner.

Development electronics hardware
Development of microcontroller control with wireless interface.

Development firmware
Implementation of the interface protocols

Development app for smartphone
Realization of the device function with graphical user interface.


CE-compliant development. Verification of conformity with accredited test institutes. Creation of the CE certificate.


Pattern and serial production by EPSILON. Automated final inspection.

Project management

Resource, time and cost planning, coordination of development, manufacturing, QA and documentation.

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