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RFID technology


Development of an RFID transceiver system

The customer solution from EPSILON is to offer cost-effective RFID labels, costing in the range of a few cents for large quantities, as data carriers and identifiers on ink cartridges. The RFID labels are designed in such a way that the stored information can be read when inserted into a printer. Parameters such as serial number, type of ink, best-before date, level, etc. can be stored. In the inserted state, a cyclic updating of the parameters is possible. The corresponding receiver and transmitter module is located in the industrial printer. The maximum range depends on the transmission power and the mechanical environment. In the reference application, operation is deliberately restricted to a limited distance of 3cm.


Conceptual design from the feasibility study to the serial device. Coordination and elaboration of the technical specifications.


Development electronics hardware
Development of an embedded controller system based on an ARM ATMEL AT91SAM microcontroller. Design and optimization of the antenna in relation to the given ambient conditions.

Development firmware
Development of the firmware with control of the RFID controller. Read and write algorithms for evaluating and managing the TAG data. Signaling the status information via the user-programmable user interface. The RFID module supports ISO15693 and ISO14443 and transmits at 13.56MHz.


CE-compliant development. The RFID certification was carried out together with the main unit. Country-specific approvals were observed.


Sample test, production introduction, serial production with partner company.

Project management

Resource, time and cost planning, coordination of development and serial support.

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