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Development of manufacturing tools

Fully and partially automated production tools for the production and testing of complex electronic assemblies in series production.Epsilon_HW_2


Production and test planning in cooperation with assembly partners under ISO 9001 aspects.


Mechanical design of test adapters.

Development electronics hardware

Development of special adapter hardware, which is often adapted to PC-controlled via USB interface. For programming, testing, stimulating and reading parameters.

Development software

Special software (PC programs or Embedded Controller SW) for programming and testing. Development environment C ++ and Labview. Storage / logging of production data in databases for later evaluation and assurance of traceability.


Individual production and acceptance/approval of production tools. Preparation of documentation and instructions. Training of the assembly personnel in the use of the tools. The self-employed production tools are regularly checked after the first release and calibrated according to ISO 9001. In addition to the documentation, customers receive a calibration manual.

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