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Development of UV-LED light source

Implementation with UV LEDs as chip on board (COB, photo) or with housed LEDs. The wavelength is in the UVA range. The unit has a high radiation density and is used to cure photosensitive ink . In addition, temperature monitoring is integrated. The power of the unit is dimmable.


Choosing the right technology. Determination of the required radiation power. Definition of the control circuit and interfaces.


Mechanical construction together with a partner.

Development electronics hardware
Calculation and simulation of the radiation field.
Development of the control circuit.
Design and calculation of dimensions and thermal resistance of the heatsink.


RoHS and ReaCh compliant.


Sample and serial production by EPSILON. Definition of test methods and acceptance criteria. Automated final inspection.

Project mamgement

Resource, time and cost planning, coordination of development, manufacturing, QA and documentation.

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